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By Mother Tongue Scripts

India -

The diversity of Indian languages was defined in the last national census (2011) - including all dialects, there are 19,569 languages. When rationalized, these resulted in 1,369 Mother Tongues (MT) spoken in India. But just 121 of these MT had more than 10,000 speakers & 96.7% of India's entire 1.44 billion people had only one of the 22 “Scheduled" languages (of the Indian constitution) as their MT). Of the 22 "Scheduled" languages of India, 20 have "Varna-mala" (i.e. abugida) scripts, one has Perso-Arabic (i.e. abjad) script & one has the Latin (i.e. alphabetical) script. There is an often forgotten Unity of script in the diversity of Indian languages.

Prarang focuses on the 768 DHQs (District Head Quarters) & their respective M.T.s. Currently, it aims to create Knowledge Webs for any identified MT of more than 30,000 literate population, in any of the 768 DHQs of India. We have thus identified 524 DHQs & within them, a total of 979 Knowledge Web opportunities in 13 M.T. scripts, in India.

World -

We are still discovering how many languages there are in the world. No multilateral United Nations body actually works on this important aspect. Ethnologue (Non-profit US entity of a Christian Missionary organization), the primary source of Wikipedia on world languages indicates that there are approx. 7198 known languages, which can be grouped in 16 language tree branches.. Important to note that there are 195 countries (Politically) in the world today and just a world total of 178 official languages(spoken) which each of these has selected from the various spoken languages in their lands. Nearly 40% of the World’s languages are now endangered, with fewer than 1000 users remaining.23 spoken languages account for more than half the world’s population, including 7 which are widely spoken in India. But the 178 official(Spoken) Languages of the world can actually be grouped in just 16 Mother Tongue Languages(Spoken) groups and 17 Script Language Families. The scripts of the 7198 world languages are categorized in four groups of – Abjad, Abugida, Alphabetical & Logo-Syllabic.

Prarang focuses on the 195 Country Capitals (CCs) & their respective M.T.s & related scripts. Currently, it has identified 96 languages & their related 238+ M.T. scripts in these 195 Countries, totaling to 31+ Knowledge Web opportunities.