Knowledge Webs

Knowledge Webs

Contextualized Content Localized, Globally. An integrated approach to providing B2C (Business to Customer), B2B (Business to Business) & G2C (Government to Citizen) services, hyper-locally through the WWW (World Wide Web).

To facilitate the journey from Information to Knowledge, and eventually to Wisdom :

Content – Prarang gets to the DNA of Content by its unique model  ( shabdachitra ) of creating databases of Text, Images, Data & Maps for the Culture & Nature of each selected Geography, Country & World. To understand each geography, we focus on – Work, Place & Citizenship – the bio-regional Geddesian model. The Content process is the   Prarang Way

Semiotics - Prarang has developed a unique model in City-Semiotics. A select geography’s Content reading, rejecting, browsing & watching trends are a reflection of its continuously changing emotions & interests. Our City-Semiotics provides important insights into the City’s need vis-à-vis the City’s work & education patterns. This is a continuous feedback loop useful for governance & also for customizing products & solutions.

Analytics - – Prarang estimates & updates large Country & World data from various Government, UN & reliable public sources, and creates its own data-bases on Internet & Social Media reach estimates. For our selected geographies, alongside daily content creation & delivery, we also capture daily & monthly readership metrics, to constantly measure impact vis-à-vis socio-economic data & metrics on culture & nature.

Languages – The world wide web is spreading fast to the literate people who have smartphones. The access to the information on the www varies by country, phone-type (including OS (operating system) type), social-media/app/site access, data/bandwidth access etc but also the literacy level in the specific language of communication of both the creator of the communication & its recipient. On the www, the script of communication matters more than it ever did. On Prarang Knowledge Webs , we focus on the scripts of Mother Tongue languages as a foundational layer of everything we do on the www.

There is a lot of Knowledge outside the Web too. We love Books.