Prarang creates Smarter Citizenship through digital education, City by City, in the city’s local Language.


Daily connect with 20% population

  • Daily Picture-Centric Content Curation for Netizens of each City (365 days/ Year)
  • Pushed to 20% of the City's Netizens everyday through Social-Media, Subscriptions and SEO
  • Customized for local interest, topical yet educative (Non News)


Balanced Nature & Culture Knowledge

  • City-Centric classification of high volume content in local language - Unique 60 Point Culture-Nature Grid
  • One-Stop Portal for the Netizen needs of the City - Weather, Maps, News, Cinema, Smart Services, Classifieds, B2B, B2C & G2C integrated
  • New & localized visual iconography for new netizens & first-time smartphone users.


Reminder of Roots and Relevance

  • Glocal Content - Content contextualized to local, through global learnings.
  • A balance between Culture & Nature towards a bio-regional & healthy life.
  • Decrease in digital noise - Focused content to reduce digital distractions & negativity of news
  • Adult Education - Work, Place, Citizenship
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