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Think Global, Act Local –
To create Smarter Citizens through digital education curated City by City, in its local Language.

About Us

City Citizenship based on Respect for Diversity & A Belief in Unity –

Cities with I-RULE :

1. Internet – Localized, socially-responsible internet content for each city in its local language.

2. Research – Research based on evolutionary data and science with a focus on economic geography (not on political history and people/dynasties) & employment.

3. Urbanization – Bio-regional City Planning - Interdependence of Culture and Nature.

4. Language – Diversity prioritized by language (and not by political geography nor ethnicity).

5. Education – Trans-disciplinary, value-embedding and holistic education. Creating curiosity for lifelong learning & continuous skill upgrade.

About Us

“Rang” means Colours & the prefix “Pra” refers to its Origin/Base. Together, “Prarang” is a lesser used Sanskrit name which translates to “ Basics of Colours”.
We know that the 3 Colours – Blue, Yellow & Red – are the base colours from which all other colours originate. This reflects in our logo. The Prarang logo represents the – Colours of the Diversity in the Unity of India

About Us

The Elephant - Allegorically, the Asian Elephant has often meant India historically. Rather than the modern day national boundaries of India country, Prarang is better represented in image & imagination by this borderless concept, beyond political borders.

With over Six hundred-thousand villages & Nine thousand towns & cities even in the modern country of India today, no individual can ever hope to visit & understand all parts of India, in one lifetime. Based on one’s own experiences, India means different things to not just visitors but even different people living within it. The old Indian parable of the Blind men & the Elephant, reminds us about the dangers of fragmented knowledge & the need to balance subjectivity & objectivity.

About Us

About Us

Seeing the entire Elephant” (in all his colours & splendor), is true “ Unity in Diversity”. This can only be achieved through borderless (global) meta-disciplinary & holistic education. Prarang is that Basic-Colours Elephant. As it walks across the cities , towns & villages of India spreading its multiple colours, it means to transform all who see it, into Smarter Citizens

Prarang is a 7 year old venture being funded & incubated by Indoeuropeans (India) Pvt Ltd.

Our Team -

“ I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges Can all the knowledge of the world be contained in one place if we could collect all the books ever written, images ever printed & maps ever created, in one library ? Borges imagines just such a place in his story " The Library of Babel” , an endless library which contains not just all the books ever made but even books yet to be made ( in the future). In another story “Aleph” , Borges stretches this imagination even further where man in his quest for understanding the building blocks of language itself, writes books with just one letter of the alphabet. The absurdity of it makes clear that – “Complete knowledge of the universe is impossible for man to collect or to curate“.

We aim to curate a Prarang Museum showcasing the Story of the Indian Civilization through the evolution of its Cities & Towns, along its Rivers. Such a river civilization museum will be built to show-case India’s Culture & Nature, on the outskirts of New Delhi, along the River Ganga. While this museum on the river will take a few years to build, the objects & library to be housed inside the museum, have already been collected by Prarang founding team members over the past 25 years. It is this unique library of books, coins, statues, maps, comics, stamps, posters, carpets, furniture, textiles, fossils, stones & other collectibles relating to Indian cities, which forms the USP ( unique selling proposition) of Prarang’s daily knowledge posts. The researchers at Shabda Chitra research center have access to this comprehensive library of books & historical objects on India. This keeps a vital “hand & heart” connection alive for the Prarang team members. We do not re-cycle existing digital information already available on the internet, for our research work but have our own collection of copy-right free images & antiquarian source books, to search from. Merely translation is not what Prarang does. We research with the intent of writing for the benefit of a specific city’s reader, fully aware of his linguistic level, education level & economic need.

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