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Tezpur is a city and urban agglomeration in Sonitpur district, Assam state, India. Tezpur is on the banks of the river Brahmaputra, 175 kilometres (109 mi) northeast of Guwahati, and is the largest of the north bank towns with a population of 75,540.

The highest employment in the district is in Agro based, Metal based, Textile, Wood based, Repairing and servicing industries. The district has 47% of the workforce employed in the Agricultural Sector, 50% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 3% are Household workers.

The present district of Sonitpur has been curved out of Darrang district in 1983. However mythologically, the present districts of Sonitpur and Darrang along with their surrounding territories were known as Sonitpur. The name of Sonitpur is related to the bloody battle between King Bana and Lord Krishna. As the story goes, the love episode of Banas beautiful daughter Usha and Anirudha, the grandson of Lord Krishna dragged Bana into a bloody war with Lord Krishna of Dwaraka. In this battle Bana suffered a crushing defeat. The profusion of blood that spilled in this war is the reason for calling this place Sonitpur (Sonit means blood and pur means city). Subsequently it is believed that the name of town Tezpur is the Assamese translation of Sonitpur (Tez means blood and Pur means city).

There are three sub-divisions in the Sonitpur district 1) Tezpur(Sadar) 2) Bishwanath and 3) Gohpur with seven Revenue Circles . Tezpur, Dhekiajuli (Pt), Chariduar, Naduar Revenue Circles come under Tezpur (Sadar) sub-division, Biswanath Revenue Circle comes under Biswanath subdivision and Helem, Gohpur Revenue Circles comes under Gohpur subdivision. There are 8 towns in the district (5Statutory towns and 3 census towns). The number of villages in the district has gone up to 1876 in Census 2011. The district covers an area of 5,204 Sq.Km out of the State total areas of 78,438 Sq. Km The rank of the district in term of area is 2nd among the district of Assam. Sonitpur district is spread on northern bank of the river Brahmaputra. It falls in the Sub-Tropical climatic region, and enjoys Monsoon type of climate. Summers are hot and humid, with an average temperature of 29° C.