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Sonipat has a total population of 2,78,149 and ranks 59th in terms of Hindi speakers. Highest employment in Sonipat district is in Agriculture sector, Metal Industry, Automobile sector and in Electronics. Out of the entire workforce, 49% are employed in the above mentioned Industrial segment, 47% in Agriculture and the remaining 4% as Household workers. Sonipat is a good agricultural belt because of the fine-loamy soil with rich color. The Yamuna is the main river of Sonipat district. Main crops of the district are wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, oilseed, pulses, millet, maize etc. The word “Sonipat” seems to be a corruption of the word “Sonpat” which is a combination of two words “Son” (Gold) “Pat” (Place). In the Sanskrit language, it is called as Suvarna Prastha. According to a popular tradition, it is one of the five Patas or Prasthas mentioned in Mahabharata which Yudhisthira demanded from Duryodhana. Archaeologically Sonipat traced back to the pre-Harappan period. The region has yielded pottery of pre-Harappan, late-Harappan, PGW, early historic, NBPW and early medieval times. The availability of literary sources is quite less to provide any clear outline of the historical growth of the district during the early phases. Haryanvi is another majorly spoken language of Sonipat.