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Notice the Black and White. Are you from this city? Partner with us to bring PRARANG to this city. Let us together spread colours.

Shivpuri has a total population of 1,79,977 and ranks 106th in term of Hindi speakers. Major employment in Shivpuri is in Agriculture sector, mining sector and in the Government sector. Out of entire workforce, 80% are employed in the agriculture sector, 18% are employed in Government and Mining sector and remaining 2% Household workers. Shivpuri has a good agricultural belt. The main cereal crops being produced in the district are rice, maize, barley, wheat and jowar. The main pulses are gram and tur. The rest of the crops include sugarcane, condiments, spices and linseed. Kali Sindh is the major river of the district. Sakhyasagar and Mahadev Sagar are the major lakes of Shivpuri. Shivapuri district is minerally very rich. It is located 468 meters above the sea level. Shivpuri was mainly a forest zone in ancient time. It was a hunting zone during medieval period Akbar also visited this region for elephant hunt in 1564. Forests of Shivpuri also served as the hunting grounds for the Scindias and the Britishers. Shivpuri is also known as the Mini Shimla as Scindias use to spend their summer here away from Gwalior heat. Madhav Vilas Palace was built by Scindia as a rest house. Many architectural remains are available in Shivpuri mainly Chateris.