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Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, is the 17th largest hindi speaking city of India with a total population of 1 million. Highest employment in the district is in Agriculture, the Metal, Construction, Textile and Medicine industries. Raipur has 62% Agricultural workers, 36% workers in Industry and other services and 2% Household workers. Raipur is a good agricultural belt mainly because of the presence of the Mahanadi River and its tributaries: Sendur, Pairy, Sondur, Joan, Kharun and Shivnath. Raipur is also a rich source of limestone in India. Raipur district is one of the oldest districts and is important from the historical and archeological perspective also. This district was once part of the Southern Kosaland under the Mauryan Kingdom. Raipur city had been the capital of the Haihaya Kings, controlling the traditional forts of the Chhattisgarh region for a long time. The town of Raipur has been in existence since the 9th century, the old site and ruins of the fort can be seen in the southern part of the city. Satavahana Kings ruled this region till the 2nd-3rd century CE. It is believed that King Ramachandra established the city of Raipur and subsequently made it the capital of his kingdom. Alternatively, another belief is that King Ramachandras son Brahmdeo Rai had established Raipur.