Mirzapur and Vindhyachal

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Mirzapur has a total population of 2,34,871 and ranks 72nd in terms of Hindi speakers. Highest employment in Mirzapur is in Construction, Textile and in the agriculture sector. Out of entire the workforce, 58% are employed in Agriculture sector, 32% are industry workers and 10% Household workers. Mirzapur is a good agricultural belt because of the river Ganga and Belan. The land in the district is mostly uneven. The landscape is dotted with hills, mountains, plateaus, waterfalls and rivers. The Vindhya mountain range rises in Mirzapur district and extends to the south-west. The history of Mirzapur goes back to the prehistoric period as many rock art sites have been discovered here. Before the establishment of the town, the region of Mirzapur was completely a dense forest. This region was freely used by various states like Varanasi, Sakteshgarh, Vijaygarh, Nainagarh (Chunar), Naugarh, Kantit and Rewa for Hunting. British East India Company had established this area to fulfill the needs of a trading center between central and western India. This time Rewa was a well-established state of central India and was directly connected with Mirzapur by the Great Deccan Road. Over the time Mirzapur became a famous trading center of Central India and started trading of cotton and silk at very large scale.