Hugli Chinsurah

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Hugli Chinsurah is a city and a municipality in the state of West Bengal, India. It has a total population of 1,79,931. It lies on the Hooghly River, 35 km north of Kolkata (Calcutta). It is located in the district of Hugli and is home to the district headquarters. The city houses the Commissioner of the Burdwan Range. It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA). The District Court building of this city is the longest building in West Bengal.

The major industries in the district include manufacturing of Agro based, Food and food products, Textile, Leather, Ceramic, Rubber and plastic products and Metal based industries. The district has 39% of the workforce employed in the Agricultural Sector, 56% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 5% are Household workers.

Situated in the eastern bank of Hugli river, the district of Hugli falls under the Burdwan Division of West Bengal. The district has four Sub-divisions, viz. 1) Sadar, 2) Arambag, 3) Chandannagar, and 4) Serampore.

The soil of the district is deep alluvial. The topography indicates a predomination of flat and plan surface with storage of high moisture. The district is divided into three soil groups viz. (1) Gangetic Alluvium, (2) Alluvium deposit in Damodar and Dwarkeshwar Valley and (3) Red Soil Region. Gangetic alluvium belt comprises an area of 59150 hectares and it is rich in calcium and fertile contained high level of potash, medium nitrogen and phosphate. The vindhya alluvium soil comprises the major area of 248950 hectares and this soil is less fertile and slightly acidic. In this soil, nitrogen content is high, phosphate is available and potash is medium. The red soil comprises of an area of 68000 hectares and is infertile with low in organic carbon, calcium with phosphate and potash. The red soil covers in the western parts of the Goghat block but in rest of the district mostly is under Gangetic Alluvium and Vindhya Alluvium. Gangetic Alluvium belt in eastern and south eastern parts of the district.

There are many rivers and rivulets in the Hooghly district. The Hooghly, the Dwarkeshwar, the Damodar and the Rupnarayan are the main rivers of the district. The other rivers and rivulets are the Sarashwati, the Kunti, the Jhumi-Jhelika, the Behula, the Dhumi, the Kunnatal, the kadarmati, the Tarakjala and the Amadar. Many of these rivers are navigable.