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Chas is the 133rd largest Hindi speaking city of India with a total population of 1,41,640. Chas is a Municipal Corporation City in Bokaro district in the state of Jharkhand and the highest employment in Bokaro district is in Construction, Readymade garments manufacture and Agriculture. 63% of the workforce is employed in the Agricultural Sector, 34% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 3% are Household workers. The district is located at an elevation of 200-546 m. from the sea level, with Damodar, Garga, Bokaro, and Jamunia as the major rivers of the district. The district is a rich agricultural and mineral endowed belt. Once a small grain trading hub of the region, Chas became notable during the Second World War when the British government used it as a base to supply soldiers fighting on the eastern front against the Japanese. After the decision of Government of India to establish the Bokaro Steel Plant, the economic activity of Chas gathered momentum. It was the administrative headquarters of the area when Bokaro was a part of Dhanbad district. Later when Bokaro became a district itself, the headquarters were moved to the Bokaro steel city.