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Bahadurgarh has a total population of 1,70,767 and ranks 111th in term of Hindi speakers. Bahadurgarh located in Jhajjar district of Haryana. Major employment in Jhajjar is in Pharmaceutical Industry, Leather Industry, Glass industry, Electronics industry, Aeronautical Industry, Army weapon industry, Construction Industry and in Agriculture sector. Out of entire workforce, 49% are employed in the above mentioned Industrial segment, 48% are employed in Agriculture sector and remaining 3% Household industry. Jhajjar is a good agricultural belt because of the alluvial plain of the district. Drishadwati is the main river of Jhajjar river. The average plain elevation of the Distt is about 222 meters above mean sea level.Bahadurgarh is known as the Gateway of Harayana. The city of Jhajjar was founded by the Mughal Emperor Alamgir II. He gave the town of Jagir to Bahadur Khan and Tej Khan, Baloch rulers of Farrukhnagar in 1754, who changed its name from Sharafabad to Bahadurgarh. Bahadurgarh fort was built by them. During the time of 1793 Bahadurgarh came into the hands of Scindia. In 1803 Scindia lost this place and it goes under the hands of British Empire. Lord Lake transferred control of the towns government to the brother of the Nawab of Jhajjar.