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Art : Connecting Geographies

Art has the power to bring transformational change to the Cities/Districts we create Content & Analytic solutions for. Many connections unite the different geographies of India, within & beyond the political & cartographic boundaries of today. Religious circuits ( Char Dham, Buddhist circuit, Pancha Bhoota Sthanagal Shiva temples, Jyotirlingas, Jain temple circuit, Sufi shrine circuit etc), Masonic english city urban plans, French, Portuguese, Dutch & Danish forts, Mughal tombs/ Persian gardens, Tiger sanctuaries, Tourism circuits ( Golden Triangle, Himalayan treks etc), Colonial Hill Stations, Port towns & Beach resorts, Princely State Palaces/Forts etc.

Our Prarang project founders who have seed-funded the venture, have also provided free access to us of their private collections which today form a rare aggregation of 200,000+ objects ( mostly books, prints ( lithographs, maps, photographs, picture postcards, stamps, posters etc) & coins, fossils etc). This collection is used by us for our daily research & digital image needs in content creation for cities/districts. While the founders themselves have been contributing (with their collections) to various Art projects individually, we now extend & offer the opportunity to partner with us on showcasing some of these objects/ collections to specific City/District communities -

Museum of Knowledge :India Knowledge

Saraswati by the Ganga - Our founders have commenced work on a two acre land, near the Ganga ( 90 mts drive from New Delhi), to showcase collections of some of the earliest books & images ever printed in India, as well as the first books & images about India, printed in Europe.

Exhibitions, Presentations, Talks : City -Object -Event

We have lent objects & contributed to several exhibitions/talks including - Hundred years of World War I ( 1914-2014) , New Delhi; Maps of India; The Partition Museum; Prints of India; Bombay outside Mumbai - Khaki, Mumbai; Indo-Czech postal connections; Sanskrit in Europe, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan; Vishnu in Myanmar, IGNCA, Bhubaneshwar

Books/ Articles/ e-Books : Articles -E-books

Picturesque India - Picture Postcard of India 1896 to 1947, Niyogi book publishers; Travel in Textiles - Uttar Pradesh, Eicher Publications; Trees of India - MS Randhawa; I'm your Man - Leonard Cohen - by Sylvie Simmons; Several articles in Newspapers/ e-Zines; India Visual - Blog

Digital Art :GEO N.F.T.s

City/District N.F.T.s - This is work in progress. We are working on the production & release of Digital Art NFTs specifically for the Cities of Jaunpur, Rampur, Meerut & Lucknow, on the basis of our big archive of copyrighted Daily City Post content work.