A Curiosity For Antiques

Every object tells a story! What better place than an English antique shop, to buy a piece of Indian history? A “Nation of Shopkeepers” it truly was & continues to be. The Empire’s loot is not just housed in Museums, Old Towers f& Libraries. The antiquarian shops & bookshops, the flea markets & auction houses continue to buy and sell old pieces even today. One specialist lane in England could still offer more antique porcelain or glass figurines, antiquarian books, prints, maps, postcards or photographs than shops in all the countries on the continent put together! Collecting antiquities purely as a hobby or for commerce can be seen as part of the culture in many countries now in the form of antique shops and weekend collectors’ / hobby meets or flea markets or even buying and selling through the internet without the buyers and sellers even meeting even once! Is this an awakening towards one’s culture and heritage, or just another passion or a new trend may be?
As Adam Smith rightly said: “To found a great empire for the sole purpose of raising up a people of customers, may at first sight, appear a project fit only for a nation of shopkeepers. It is, however, a project altogether unfit for a nation of shopkeepers, but extremely fit for a nation whose government is influenced by shopkeepers.” Wealth of Nations, 1776.

(The picture here is of an antique shop in London full of curiosities from across the world)


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