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Yamunanagar has a total population of 2,16,677 and ranks 83rd in terms of Hindi speakers. Major employment in Yamunanagar is in Engineering goods, Utensils Industry, Wood Industry, Dairy equipment Industry and in Agriculture sector. Out of the entire workforce, 62% are employed in the above mentioned industry segment, 34% are employed in Agriculture and the remaining 4% are Household workers. Yamunanagar is a good agricultural belt because the district lies under the Shivalik foothills which forms a good agricultural land. Yamuna is the major river of the Yamunanagar district. Sugarcane, wheat and rice are the main crops. Its height from sea level is between 235 and 252 meters. The history of Yamunanagar goes back to the time of Harappan period as many artifacts are discovered from the district. Yamunanagar district was earlier a part of the Ambala district. This town became the new home of the refugees who migrated to this part of the country on the partition of the country in 1947. The place was earlier known as Abdullahpur which was later renamed by the citys eminent people as Jamnanagar and later on as Yamunanagar.