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Tiruvannamalai, also called Thiruvannamalai is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and a part of the Tondaimandalam (Tondai Nadu) region. The city has a total population of 1,45,278. It is the administrative headquarters of Tiruvannamalai District.

The highest employment in the district is in Leather products, Cotton spinning, Food products, Paper based, Textile, Rice milling and Metal based industries. The district has 66% of the workforce employed in the Agricultural Sector, 30% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 4% are Household workers.

Tiruvannamalai district was a part of erstwhile North Arcot District which named as Thiruvannamalai Sambuvarayar District on bifurcation from 30.9.1989. From 1.7.1997, the District has been renamed as Tiruvannamalai District. The region had experienced many thrilling fights between the local rulers on one side and the French and the English invaders on the other. Some of the places of historical importance include Wandiwash (Vandavasi) and Arni, where severe battles (big and small) were fought. Most of them were decisive of the “Panchalinga Sivasthalams”. Tiruvannamalai, the capital of the district, represents “Agnilingam”, the other four namely „Bhoomilingam‟ represented at Kancheepuram, “Varunalingam” at Thiruvanaikkaval, “Vayulingam” at Tirukkalasthi (Sri Kalahasthi in Andhra Pradesh) and “Ahayalingam” at Chidambaram. The God Shiva in Thiruvannamalai temple is known as Arunachaleswarar, “Arunachalam” means unapproachable fire in Sanskrit.

Cheyyar and Tiruvannamalai are the two Revenue Divisions of Tiruvannamalai district. Tiruvannamalai district consists of 7 Taluks, 18 Community Development Blocks, 4 Municipalities, 10 Town Panchayats and 8 Census Towns. The total number of Revenue Villages in the district is 1095. Of these, 1039 villages are inhabited. 3 types of soil, namely: Red Loam, Laterite soil, and Black soil are found in various parts of the district.