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Notice the Black and White. Are you from this city? Partner with us to bring PRARANG to this city. Let us together spread colours.

Tiruppur city has a total population of 4,44,000, a literacy rate of over 87 percent, with Tamil as the main language. It is situated at the center of the South Indian Peninsula on the banks of river Noyyal at an elevation of about 967 feet and serves as the administrative headquarters of the Tiruppur district. According to the 2011 census, the total population of the district is 2.5 million, the literacy rate is 78% and 51 percent constitute the working age population. This includes 30 percent engaged in the agriculture sector, 3 percent in the household industry and 67 percent in industry and services. Known as the Knit Wear Capital of India, Tiruppur is one of the major textile centers of India, accounting for 90% of Indias cotton knitwear exports. The textile industry and the related trade and commerce provide the main employment in the district. The region was ruled by great kingdoms of the past – the Pandayas, Cholas, Vijaynagar, Nayaks and Mysore prior to the British.