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Shivamogga or more commonly, Shimoga is located in the hilly region of the Western Ghats. The total population of the city is more than 3,00,00, and Kannada is the main and widely spoken language. Originating out of the Western Ghats, River Tunga flows through Shimoga. The city serves as the headquarters of the Shivamogga district. As per the 2011 census, the total population of the district is 1.7 million out of which 45 percent constitute the working age population. 58 percent of the working population is engaged in the agriculture sector, 2 percent in the household industry and 40 percent in the industry and other service sectors for employment. The beautiful landscape of Shivamogga is famous for the production of high quality of areca nuts and the other agricultural products include rice, coconut, chili, pepper, sugarcane, ginger and cashews. There are many self-employed artisans in this district who are involved in the crafts of wood, cane and bamboo carving, making decorative items with these materials and embellishing them with beautiful designs using rice paste and colors. Other traditional industries thriving in this region include carpentry, leatherwork, pottery making, handloom and stone cutting and they continue to provide sustained employment to the locals. The region has been ruled by dynasties such as the Chalukyas, Kadambas, Gangas, Hoysalas, Rashtrakutas and the Mysore Maharajas in the past.