Nanded Waghala

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Notice the Black and White. Are you from this city? Partner with us to bring PRARANG to this city. Let us together spread colours.

Nanded Waghala is the 79th most populous city in India with a total population of 5,50,439. Nanded Waghala is a city in the Nanded district of Maharashtra and the highest employment in the Nanded district is in Agriculture, Cotton Textile, Chemical, Mineral and other household industries. The district has 72% of the workforce employed in the Agricultural Sector, 26% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 2% are Household workers. The major exportable item is Soya Cake. Nanded Waghala is situated on the south bank of the river Godavari in the Maharashtra state of India, just south of Nanded. The major crops produced are Cotton, Sorghum, Soybean, Black Gram, Pigeon Pea, Gram, Sunflower, Groundnut, Sugarcane etc. Apart from these, horticultural cropss like Mango, Banana, Orange, Sapota, Chilly, Onion, Tomato, Brinjal and Okra are also cultivated. Nanded Waghala founded in 1997, includes the Waghala Municipal Council and the villages of Vasarni, Kautha, Asarjan, Fatehjangpur, and Asadwan. It is one of the major cotton growing areas in India and is connected to all parts of North India and South India by train. Both Nanded and Nanded Waghala provide outsourced services for industries and commerce in other metropolises of India, due to lower labor costs for skilled and well-educated workers.