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Munger has a total population of 2,13,303 and ranks 84th in terms of Hindi speakers. Major employment in Munger is in Tobacco Products, Railway Coach Factory, Agriculture and in the government sector. Out of the entire workforce, 57% are employed in Agriculture sector, 39% are employed in the above mentioned industry segment and remaining 4% are Household workers. Munger is a good agricultural belt because of the Ganga plain land which is very fertile. The landscape of the district comprises of Gangetic plain land and a part of Chotanagpur Plateau. It is located 41 meters above the main sea level. Mahabharata and various Buddhist texts mention Munger as Modagiri, which was an important place during that time period. The region was ruled by various dynasties chronologically. Later it came to British power. During the time of British rule, they established a Railway workshop in 1862. Presently, this railway workshop is Asias largest and oldest railway workshop operated by the Indian railways. The city also has Indias oldest tobacco manufacturing unit. Munger was also known for the Gun production.