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Kishangarh is the 123rd largest Hindi speaking city of India with a total population of 1,54,886. Kishangarh is a city and a municipality in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan and the highest employment in the Ajmer district is in Agriculture, Textiles, Minerals and in the Construction and the Engineering industries. The district has 62% of the workforce employed in the Agricultural Sector, 35% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 3% are Household workers. The region is a good Agricultural belt because of the availability of groundwater. The major crops produced in the district are Sorghum, Pulses, Mustard, Gram, Wheat, Barley, Cotton and fruits like Mango, Guava, Pomegranate and Lime. Kishangarh State was founded by the Jodhpur prince Kishan Singh in 1609. Prior to the rule of Kishan Singh, this area was ruled by Maharaja Samokhan Singh who was a distant relative of Kishan Singhs family and grandfather of Naubat Khan. Maharaja Samokhan Singh lost to the forces of Akbar and his grandson Naubat Khan was kept under house arrest.Naubat Khan later accepted Islam. Maharaja Madan Singh ascended the throne in 1900 at the age of sixteen, at a time when the state was reeling from the impact of a devastating drought. The administration under him and his diwan were widely deemed worthy of approbation; irrigation from tanks and wells was extended and factories for ginning and pressing cotton were started. A social reform movement for discouraging excessive expenditure on marriages made a remarkable impact during his reign.