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Notice the Black and White. Are you from this city? Partner with us to bring PRARANG to this city. Let us together spread colours.

Located on the western coast of India in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, Jamnagar has a population of about 5,00,000. As part of the Princely state of Nawanagar, Jamnagar was developed by the Ranjit Singh Ji. Gujarati is the native and widely spoken language here but a small section of people speak Kutchi language as well which is written in Gujarati script. Kathiawadi, a colloquial dialect of Gujarati is widely used for day-to-day communication The city is the administrative headquarter of the Jamnagar district. According to the report of the 2011 census, the total population of the district is 2.1 million out of which 40 percent are in the working age. 49 percent of the workers are in the agriculture sector, one percent in the household industry and 50 percent in services and industry. Jamnagar has the largest production of Brass items in the country and is known for its Bandhini textiles. Reliance Industries Oil refinery is the largest in the world and the district has large reserves of bauxite. The Bedi Port is one of the major trading hubs and the base stations of all the 3 armed forces, the Indian Air force, Indian Army as well as the Indian Navy are located here.