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Notice the Black and White. Are you from this city? Partner with us to bring PRARANG to this city. Let us together spread colours.

Allahabad has a total population of 1.1 million and ranks as the 13th largest Hindi speaking city of India. Highest employment in Allahabad district is in Agriculture, Government Jobs, Education and Manufacturing. Allahabad has 48% Agriculture workers, 43% Industrial workers and 9% Household workers. In agricultural crops, during the Kharif season, Paddy has the highest share in terms of cultivation followed by Bajra, Arhar Dal, Urad Dal & Moong Dal in that order. During the Rabi season, wheat is the dominant crop followed by pulses and oilseeds. Within oilseeds, Mustard is given very less area under pure farming and is grown mainly as a mixed crop. Linseed dominates the oilseed segment in the district and is mainly grown in Jamunapar area. Within pulses, gram has the largest area under cultivation followed by pea and masoor. There is fairly good acreage under barley. Allahabad city was earlier known as Prayaga, a name that still is commonly used. Prayaga existed during the Vedic period, and is mentioned in the Vedas as the place where Brahma attended a ritual sacrifice. Excavations have revealed Northern Black Polished Ware dating back to 600–700 BCE. Texts mention Prayag during the Mauryan and Gupta period as well. Allahabad was a provincial capital in the Mughal Empire under the reign of Jahangir, and Akbar made it the seat of Illahabad Subah, one of his twelve original subahs or imperial top-level provinces. Akbar built a fort on the banks of the confluence of rivers at Sangam and renamed the settlement Ilahabad (Persian for "place of a god") in 1575. In 1834, the city became the governmental seat of the Agra Province and a High Court was established; a year later, both were moved to Agra.  In Alfred Park in 1931, Chandrashekhar Azad had killed himself when surrounded by the British police. The Nehru family homes, Anand Bhavan and Swaraj Bhavan, were centers of Indian National Congress activity. During the years before independence, Allahabad was home to thousands of satyagrahis.