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Adityapur has a total population of 1,74,353 and ranks 110th in term of Hindi speakers. Adityapur comes in Seraikela-Kharsawan district of Jharkhand. Major employment in Seraikela is in Agriculture sector, Automobile industry, Metal industry, Motor parts industry, Railway Industry, Construction Industry. Out of entire workforce, 61% are employed in Agriculture sector, 37% are employed in the above mentioned Industrial segment and remaining 2% Household workers.

Seraikela-Kharsawan has a good agricultural belt. The region contains hill as well as plain land. Main River of the district is Kharkai River. It is located 209 meters above from the main sea level.Modern Seraikela-Kharsawan district was earlier divided into two princely states of Saraikela and Kharsawan. Saraikela state was founded in 1620 by Raja Bikram Singh, a descendant of the rulers of Porahat, who claimed descent from the Rathore clan of Rajputs.

In the 18th century, this state comes under the influence of Maratha rulers and it became a princely state of British India in 1803, at the conclusion of the Second Anglo-Maratha War at Deogaon of Orissa. After the war, the East India Company included the Saraikela princely state under the governance of the Chota Nagpur Commissioner. Kharsawan estate was founded in 1650. The rulers of Kharsawan are descended from Kunwar Bikram Singh of Porahat, the first ruler of neighbouring Seraikela State.

In 1912 Kharsawan came under the authority of the province of Bihar and Orissa, which had been carved from the eastern districts of Bengal. In 1936 the state was placed under the authority of the Orissa Province. Saraikela, along with 24 other princely states of the Eastern states acceded to the Government of India on 1 January 1948, with a will to merge the princely state with Orissa province of the Indian Republic.