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Analytics: Geographic Intelligence

Prarang's Geographic Intelligence is a comprehensive big data solution that provides valuable insights into various geographic regions in India and across the world. It is a powerful solution that provides businesses with the tools they need to plan their global expansion, understand regional development disparities in India, select the best entry points for market expansion, and run successful advertising campaigns in local languages, tailored to specific regional preferences. With access to these crucial insights, companies can make data-driven decisions and thrive by going hyperlocal in today's competitive business landscape.

It consists of four distinct parts designed to assist businesses in making informed decisions and maximizing their global potential.

India Development Planner:

India's incredible diversity presents unique opportunities and challenges for businesses. State-level comparisons do not reveal the diverse economic models of big India. The India Development Planner now helps uncover hidden patterns and differences between regions ( Districts – Bio-regional mix of towns & viallages) in the country. By analyzing various indicators like GDP, infrastructure development, education, healthcare, and social indicators across Indian districts, businesses can understand the level of development in different regions and tailor their strategies accordingly. This tool is invaluable for answering questions like, "How developed is one part of India compared to another?"

India Market Planner:

With India comprising 768 districts and Union Territories, each with several towns and villages, selecting the right entry points for market expansion is critical for businesses. Prarang's India Market Planner provides the necessary data and analytics to make informed decisions about entering specific districts and their respective District Head Quarters (DHQs). Instead of dealing with thousands of urban and rural markets, companies can focus on the most promising Districts ( bio- regional geographic areas with a clear & measure-able urban & rural governance structure) & their DHQs ( District Headquarters/Capitals) for their market entry.

India Advertising Planner:

Successful advertising campaigns in India require a deep understanding of regional nuances. Local language communication is the key to digital marketing in India. Prarang's India Advertising Planner offers a groundbreaking tool (using local language & literacy hyperlocal data) for city comparison and analytics, providing valuable insights to boost marketing strategies. By analyzing factors like cultural preferences, consumer behavior, and regional trends, businesses can tailor their advertising campaigns to resonate with specific hyperlocal target audiences in different cities (all district headquarters) across India.

Globalisation Planner:

This part of Prarang's product offers data from all parts of the world, enabling businesses to plan their global expansion strategically. By accessing a wide range of information on different regions, such as demographics, economic indicators, cultural factors, and market trends, companies can make well-informed decisions about entering new markets and tailoring their products or services to meet the specific needs of each region.