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Silchar, located in the southern part of Assam on the banks of the River Barak (a part of Surma-Meghna River System) is the second largest city of the state. The city with a population of 1,70,000 comes under the Cachar District. It is one of the major centers for trade, tea processing, cultivation of rice and other agriculture products. The agricultural economy thrives on the rich alluvial soil plains of the River Barak that is very suitable for cultivation About 80 percent of the local population speak the Sylheti language which was earlier written in Sylheti script but is now written in Bengali script. The history of this language goes back to the ancient kingdom of Kamarupa, when it was written in Eastern Nagari Script. According to the 2011 census data the total population of the district is 1.7 million out of which 35 percent is of the working age. While 30 percent of the working population participates in agricultural activities, 64 percent contribute to trade and commerce, tea processing and manufacturing.