Rourkela Industrial Township

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Rourkela Industrial Township is the 215th most populous city in India with a total population of 2,10,317. It is a city in the Sundargarh district of Odisha and the highest employment in the district is in Food products & Beverages, Engineering, Glass, Ceramics, Chemicals, Textiles and other household industries. The district has 50% of the workforce employed in the Agricultural Sector, 47% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 3% are Household workers. The major crops produced in the district are Rice, Maize, Green Gram, Black Gram, Red Gram, Cowpea, Sesamum and Mustard. Apart from these, other horticultural crops like Chilly, Onion, Potato, Sweet Potato etc. are also produced. Sundargarh is recognized as an industrial district in the map of Odisha. Steel plant, fertilizer plant, cement factory, ferro vanadium plant, machine building factory, glass and china clay factory and spinning mills are some of the major industries of this district. Sundargarh occupies a prominent position in the mineral map of Odisha and is rich in iron ore, limestone, manganese, dolomite, and fire clay. Major industries are the Odisha Cements ltd, Hart Fertilizers Ltd, and Odisha Industries Ltd. Rourkela Industrial Township has the first government sector plant built with foreign collaboration and was the first in India to use LD oxygen technology.