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Pallavaram is one of the oldest settlements of the Greater Chennai region. Located at an elevation of 52 feet, the city has a population of 2,15,000 and the literacy rate is 92%. Tamil is the widely spoken and official language.. The city comes under the Chennai district and as per the census records of 2011, the total working age population is 40 percent out of which only one percent are employed in the agriculture sector, 2 percent in the household industry and 97 percent in services and industry. The present day town of Pallavaram has its origins in the settlement of Pallavapuram that lay around the Pallavaram Periya Eri (literally meaning big lake”), which existed during the reign of the 7th century Pallava Kings. Pallavaram is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited places in South India with archaeological excavations dating back to the Paleolithic Age. During the 18th century, the British established a cantonment at Pallavaram, supplementary to the one at St. Thomas Mount. Mining was also carried out by the British in this region. From the late 1930s onwards, Pallavaram formed one of the chief areas of Greater Madras.