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Loni, part of the Ghaziabad district, is the 32nd largest Hindi speaking city of India with a total population of 5,10,000. Highest employment in the Ghaziabad district is in the Food and beverage, Automobile, Electronics and the Metal Industry. Ghaziabad district has 76% workers in Industry and Services, 19% Agricultural workers, and 5% Household industry workers. Loni is situated on the banks of the Hindon River, which is a tributary of River Yamuna. Though the topography of Ghaziabad district is that of fertile plains with abundance of good quality groundwater, the district is not as big an agricultural district mainly because of rapid industrialization The name of the city Loni was believed to be attributed to a traditional myth, according to which it is believed that the initial part of the demon Lavanasura or Lavan, meaning salt in Sanskrit language, is associated with this region. Salt zones exist in this region as well. Historically, this city is said to be named after King Lonnkaran, also known as King Subkaran, who built his fort at this site, and named it Loni.