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To support and get involved, you can 1) Write (start by commenting on specific Posts & graduate to join Our City Advisory Council) 2) Advertise 3) Subscribe to our daily social media feed for free knowledge & topical posts of one or more Cities 4) Attend Prarang College & Job-Fair presentations/surveys in the Cities or watch them on our videos 5) Become a 'friend of Prarang' (on our Facebook home page).

City Partners – You can partner with us individually or as a Micro/Small Organization, to bring Prarang (in One language) to your City. We can commence the City Research process ( Images, Data, Books & Digital databases) at our Research hub at Noida & launch Prarang in any of the largest 6000 Indian Cities, in 30 days of agreement. Daily Knowledge & Topical content in the City’s local language will then commence for the duration we agree on. After 60 days of Content upload, a focused digital marketing campaign will start & aim to enrol 40% of the internet enabled citizens of the City.

Our City Partners will become members of the respective City Advisory Council, for the duration of the Agreement. The Annual & Monthly Research Topics shortlisted for the City, will be shared with Council members & their inputs incorporated by researchers & writers responsible for daily content & interaction with the City.

State Partners - You can Partner with us for anywhere between a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 50 Cities within any State of India. Partnership is for One Language for One City. Bi-lingual Cities or Tri-lingual Cities will be counted as separate Cities, for each language. Machine-translation of course, comes free in partnership with Google.

All benefits of City Council Membership for the chosen Cities, will be available to State Members too. In addition, a “State Council” will also be set-up for bi-Annual review of the “Economic Geography” of the State. One Annual State Survey will also be conducted across the Readers of all Cities of the State. This will feed into the City-Councils of that State, and review effectiveness of education & reader satisfaction.

Country Partners – You can Partner with us for a minimum of 50 Cities, spread across at least 5 States. One City with One Language. Partnership is for One Language for One City.

All City Council Membership benefits listed above will be available to Country Partners. In addition, Quarterly review of the “Economic Geography” of the Districts, of the selected Cities, will be set up with Country Partners. One Deep-Dive Survey for any chosen City/ District, every Quarter & One Annual Country Survey will also be conducted across the Readers of all selected Cities. This survey will feed into the City-Councils & will facilitate a review of the effectiveness of education, as well as reader satisfaction.

One City Partnership (in One Language) is currently available at just Rs 100,000 per Month. The Minimum Duration is
One Year. All Partnerships require payment in advance.

For Partnership, please write to us at :