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Prarang creates high volume, city-focused, localized education in the mother tongue of each city we activate. With well-researched images & information on a vast array of topics, all customized for the local resident, Prarang aims to reach all internet enabled citizens of each city through social networks, SEO & focused digital marketing. With nearly 300 unique pieces of daily content & a single-point access to useful information for the local residents, Prarang will become the main
City Portal for the local residents of the town, within 12 months of our activating Prarang for it.
Colour Feeds – Rampur ( U.P.), Meerut (U.P.), Lucknow (U.P.), Jaunpur (U.P.)

Prarang’s Audience:

If you have a product or service that you believe will resonate with our readers in a specific City, please drop us a line. If you wish to activate Prarang in a new City, please see Partners above.

Minimum Media Investment is Rs 50,000. All media buys require payment in advance.

For Partnership, please write to us at :