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Navsari is a city municipality and the administrative headquarters Navsari District of Gujarat, India. Navsari is also the Twin City of Surat, and only 30 km south of Surat. The city has a total population of 1,71,109.

The highest employment in the district is in Textile, Wood/Wood based, Metal based, Rubber, Paper, Mineral based and Chemical industries. The district has 32% of the workforce employed in the Agricultural Sector, 67% in the Industrial Sector and the remaining 1% are Household workers.

Navsari is a district headquarters since 2nd October 1997. Prior to it, it was a taluka headquarters of Navsari taluka of then Valsad district. Navsari was known from seventh century. At that time it was referred as Navsarika. Navsari was developed as a port and also it was a business center. When people of Parsi community came to India for the first time they entered through Navsari. Navsari was therefore also called as Parsipuri. The climate of Navsari was like the climate of Sari, the capital of Mazan Daran state of Iran, therefore the Parsies called Navsari as Nao-Sari (New Sari).

The present Navsari district is bifurcated from old Valsad district and new Navsari district is created from it by separating 4 talukas. Further Navsari taluka was bifurcated and new Jalalpore taluka was created. The Navsari district consist of 5 talukas namely Navsari, Jalalpore, Gandevi, Chikhli and Bansda.

The district is located in the South Eastern part of Gujarat state in the coastal low land along Purna River. Saline Soils are found in Western parts of the district comprising Gandevi and Jalalpore blocks. Black fertile soils are found in central parts comprising Navsari, Gandevi and Chikhl Blocks.